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Vision, Mission, Values, and Mandate

These statements were adopted by the board of directors in January of 2023.

  • Vision

    To maintain and operate a museum that presents artifacts and histories from rural communities and industries of Western Canada’s Pioneering era.

  • Mission

    Pioneer Acres and its dedicated volunteers actively preserve, display, and demonstrate equipment and artifacts that were used by the pioneers of Western Canada. We will present this unique collection to all who wish to experience the development of our heritage. We encourage younger generation involvement in our quest to make history come alive.

  • Values

    • We value the stewardship of staff, volunteers, and stakeholders.
    • We value the restoration and preservation of artifacts.
    • We value our visitors and guests.

  • Mandate

    • a) To procure by gift or donation wherever possible, and by loan or purchase where necessary and desirable, tools, machinery, implements, engines, devices and other goods of historical value and importance connected with the agricultural and industrial development of Western Canada;
    • b) To collect, arrange, catalogue, recondition, preserve and exhibit to the public, the items referred to in clause (a);
    • c) To stimulate interest in the history of the agricultural and industrial development of Western Canada;
    • d) To cooperate with organizations having similar objects.