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The Long House

Long House The "Long" House was built in 1914 on a farm just northwest of Irricana, Alberta for George Long, his wife Salome, and their five children. It was the farmhouse for three generations of the Long Family from 1914 to 1992.

The Long House is an excellent example of the type of prairie home that was being built during that time. This house is unique in that it employed a number of modern conveniences such as running water, electric lights, and central heating, which were virtually unheard of in the early 1900's. It even boasts a dumbwaiter, used to raise and lower goods from the basement storage area to the kitchen.

Long House Dining Room This is a fairly large house consisting of two full stories plus an attic where the water supply was located. There was room for the seven member family as well as a number of hired men. The basement was used for storage and has the batteries that powered the electric lights.

In 1993, the house was donated to Pioneer Acres, moved to our location, and restored to 1929 status. Since then, the house has become one of our most recognizable exhibits, with a charm that even Hollywood can't resist. It has been used in several movies, as recently as 2022, and few music videos. A Quaker Oats company commercial was also filmed there.

There is a lot more information posted in the house that you can read when you come to visit. And, of course, the house itself is quite marvelous to walk through.